Surabaya is the second largest city of Indonesia. It’s the capital city of East Java with its nurmerous population. It has been grown as a central business district. No doubt many buildings have been covered the whole city. For that Surabaya needs a certain number of open space for its society for doing their social activities. Open space for public is one of the important element of city system which can not be separated with its society. it is a means for the society to do their various outdoor activities. All the range of ages, whether children, teenegers and elderly people need it . It has several functions such as for vacation or refreshing place for the urban society, as the heart of the city ( especially at the green space ) , and also as the center for public outdoor event. There are many kinds of activities which occur at public open space in a big city. It may caused a vandalism or an abusive behaviour for damaging the public buildings which have been done by the urban society. So that the public facility is no longer fit for the purpose and design of the original function of public open space itself.

Maintenance and management system of landscape are very important in maintaining and caring a certain site which has been created in order public open space can be functioned as the priority purpose so then it can stay functionally, effectivelly and efeciently in the long term of time. For those all above, it needs a role of the society, private, and government. With a big urban condition, we need a new innovation for developping the public open space. Especially making a program for example funtionate the public open space for social activities as its primary function. However the main aspect of public open space is fullfilled the society favour.